To assist clients in getting value from their businesses, we provide Business Critical Software and IT services within various industry verticals. From Mobile solutions for Enterprise level applications, Instinct Technique understands the challenges faced by the clients and helps them by providing innovative solutions to make their business brand vision effective.

With our unique set of skills and IT knowledge, we help our clients to stay in front and optimize their businesses for maximum efficiency. We believe in designing and building large, complex, and high-end solutions with reduced development and integration costs for maximizing the return of investments for our clients.

Instinct Technique specializes in building creative and high performance mobile apps for all mobile platforms.

Prepare Your Business for Consumer Mobile Platforms

The perfect choice of mobile platform influences how rapidly, speedily and easily you can reach your customers. Instinct Technique assists you choose the mobile platform suited to your needs. We have dedicated development team for these platforms to provide clients with the best solutions and results.

Technology Consulting for the Right Decision to a Smart Business

An exact choice of mobile platform deeply blows how quickly and easily you can reach your valuable customers who show keen interest in your business. Instinct Technique helps you select the mobile platform matched to your requirements. We have setup enthusiastic development teams for these platforms to provide our clients with the best.

Depending on the client requirements, we have delivered varied mobile solutions. Some of our areas of expertise in mobile app development include

  • Custom Mobile Applications
  • Smart Phone Widgets
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Mobile Optimized Website
  • Cross Platform Solutions

At present, Mobile technology has taken a hub with smartphones and tablets evolving billions of virtual offices, shopping malls and entertainment centers. As a result, enterprises are focusing employees, partners and customers by rising and falling out thousands of applications each day across multiple mobile platforms.

Custom mobile phone application growth is one of the core strengths of Instinct Technique. Our developers and consultants provide ultimate result-driven services from requirements gathering to application development and support. Instinct Technique puts into effect modified mobile software application development to make improved mobile applications tailored to your unique business needs for superior competence and functionality.

Instinct Technique specializes in building custom mobile apps for all major mobile platforms using native technologies as well as cross-platform development techniques. We design and develop both consumer and enterprise mobile applications in the following technologies :

  • iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod devices
  • Android for smartphones and tablets
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Blackberry Smartphones and Playbook Tablet

Smartphone widgets are small standalone apps running on the mobile desktop. These are most popular on Android and Blackberry devices. Widget provides means to access and view data quickly without loading the complete app. These can be Ticker or Feed from Social Networking website to view recent updates, Weather widgets to see temperature and forecasts, news widgets for recent news and happening from various providers.

Instinct Technique has extensive experience in developing similar widgets for Android and Blackberry devices. We develop standalone widgets as well as widget solutions linked with the complete application. As widget is a small application in itself, we make sure it is tested well for optimum performance and utilization of system resources so that it doesn't hamper the end-user experience.

More than ever, efficient working is a key to business productivity and success. We understand that every business is unique; an ideal solution for one customer may not work for another. We use our industry expertise and knowledge to access your business needs and make a recommendation based on your specific circumstances.

Instinct Technique work with enterprises on all popular mobile operating platforms and provides them with highly creative and efficient means of staying connected and informed with the executives, stakeholders and other involved business personals.

Instinct Technique's highly scalable mobile offering is future-ready for the evolving Smartphone market and the proliferation of new mobile platforms, providing device-independent, mission-critical mobility in a single amalgamated interface.

Overall development and deep practices over mobile devices are making the organizations switch to mobile optimized versions of their websites. A Mobile optimized website guarantees that it is displayed optimally on the mobile devices and the visitors really feel like being on their website then in its place going to their competitors.

Using our expertise in Mobile Website Development, we augment the look of your website to make it easy for your visitors to find the way and use the website. This in turn raises the bounce rates and website conversions.

Benefits of considering a mobile optimized website includes

  • Improved User Experience
  • Faster loading speeds
  • Portability and connectivity
  • Competitive edge
  • User engagement and retention

Instinct Technique has gained expertise in Mobile Optimized websites using the latest technologies and frameworks like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Mobile. Our open Web Design approach makes sure the websites provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices be it: Mobile, Tablets or Desktops.

With numerous mobile OS platforms in today's competitive market, it is usually a time consuming and high cost-involving affair to develop for all the OS platforms. Going for a cross-platform development explanations could be a smart and cost saving choice in such a case.

Cross-platform development helps in developing applications for multiple mobile platforms using the same code base and with smallest amount of changes. Cross platform, mobile development surely proves to be the profitable answer encompassing these varied needs of the multi OS market by offering them the universal app solution. It comprises the stakeholder's needs by providing them with the apps that can work superbly on every mobile operating systems and platforms. That not only these technologies save development time and costs but at the same time, these also save customers on the initial investment costs as most of these technologies as open source packages.

During the time of past few years, Instinct Technique has stands out itself in developing cross-platform solutions and has a team of skilled developers who are proficient in these technologies.

During past few years, Instinct Technique has excelled itself in developing cross-platform solutions and has a team of skilled developers who are proficient in these technologies.

Our team has gained expertise in developing cross platform apps using the following tools and technologies

  • Adobe AIR
  • PhoneGap
  • Unity3D

Our developers are constantly training and grooming themselves over other such platforms. Let us know your requirement and we would be happy to work on your preferred platform or provide you with best solution to suite your business requirement.

Instinct Technique has years of experience in developing custom web and desktop application and personalized packaged solutions for its clients. With a skilled team of developers and analysts from diverse backgrounds, we provide scalable end-to-end solutions to our clients. We believe in working closely with our clients and understanding their business needs to deliver the right optimized software for their business. We Keep in mind our client preferences and provide tailor-made software/Web development services. We aim to address critical issues and problems with businesses and come up with innovative solutions to handle these issues and benefit the entire enterprise.

Client Challenges

  • How to align IT with their Business.
  • How to migrate from legacy systems to modern ones to meet the ever evolving business requirements
  • Maintenance of the systems to meet the organization requirements.

For your business, Instinct Technique provides you with the best solutions:

  • Robust and Scalable solutions for expanding the client base.
  • Time and cost-effective applications for Increasing ROI.
  • Intuitive and effective User interfaces for enhancing user engagement.

As part of our Application Development and Maintenance services, we provide

  • Custom Web/Application Development
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • E-Business Solutions
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Application Maintenance Services
  • System Integration Services

Often the handy solutions might not suites an organization's necessity. Understanding these complexities with such packaging solutions, Instinct Technique's bespoke application development services create solutions exactly suitable to those unique business requirements.

Instinct Technique's experience with Web apps permits us to come up with quality skills and tools to turn your design notes into full-blown web applications, through a diversity of tech disciplines, including open source, content management systems, customizations, proprietary systems and other valuable custom solutions.

For utmost resource operation, our expert developers examine client's business, current working methodology and future needs before building custom solutions. Demo models are created to check feasibility and consistency of products. Our development team is highly creative and has vast knowledge of software development technologies like Java & J2EE, Microsoft .NET - ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python and others help to develop a complete custom application that meets your requirements.

Instinct Technique's Custom Application Development Services include

  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Systems and Gap analysis
  • Architecture and design
  • Development and Unit testing
  • Internationalization and localization
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integration capability
  • Release and configuration management

With our expertise in multiple technology domains, our software development model allows companies to maximize their ROI, while maintaining complete control over projects.

Most of the organizations require deep and result-driven solutions for almost all enterprise level tasks like it be Human Capital Management, Payrolls, Financials, Supply Chain, Operations and Analytics. Instinct Technique assists organizations with Enterprise Solutions to improve their operational efficiency and help transform their business.

Instinct Technique works with its clients fully to understand their business processes and requirements. We then recommend and implement an appropriate enterprise solutions, which meets the clients' needs, reduces the total cost of ownership, boosts efficiency and enhances productivity across the board. For small and average range of businesses to large global enterprises, Instinct Technique provides a tailored service plan that will be useful for the business.

Our quality service includes:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Business Intelligence(BI)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Best hands in Consulting Services :

  • Business Process Analysis and Standardization
  • Devising a Strategy and Road Map
  • Upgrade Assessment

Implementation Services:

  • End-to-end implementation
  • Upgrades
  • Custom Solutions

Instinct Technique can develop a full-fledged enterprise solution which meets unique requirements of any industry sector or business function.

E-business is changing the way of business phases and their performances. Whether you require a perfect path to build an old business or primary business. The internet is the main source in your business enhancement as it facilitates you to reach out the huge masses easily. Instinct Technique assists you in leveraging the power of the internet and provides its clients with huge eCommerce business development for gaining business success. We ensure and have the ability to create better solutions using a wide range of platforms that can be run distantly or locally. We use the latest Internet development tools and techniques. We believe in working closely with our consultants and ensure that there is honesty in the planning and development process. With our e-business solutions, we enable you successfully to thrive in the Internet world. Our approach gives our clients an edge over their competitors by including unique selling aspects and exploring the chances for a flourishing online business.

As part of our e-business offering services, we work with the following technologies:

Magento, ZenCart, xCart, osCommerce, Drupal eCommerce,cs-cart, prestashop, WordPress eCommerce and VirtueMart

Good content is essential but web is not limited to only good content these days. Managing a lot of content over the web could be difficult without a Content Management system solution. Our expertise in Content Management Systems across various technology domains helps clients in organizing and structuring the content in the best way. We offer built-in content management solutions that provide cost-effective publishing tool for managing the website and its different functionalities through one integrated platform. Organizations requiring complex enterprise solutions can benefit from our custom CMS where our developers provide complete control through content management tools to our clients. These tools can empower even non-technical users within the organization to create, manage, and publish through the content management software. With our expertise in multiple CMS solutions, we help our clients to figure out the best solution for their businesses with minimum development costs. We provide CMS solutions in Java & J2EE, Microsoft .Net and PHP technologies.

The CMS we cater to majorly are:

Java & J2EE: Alfresco , Hippo, XperienCentral, Apache Lenya, OpenCMS, Asbru, liferay

Microsoft .Net: Umbraco, Dot Net Nuke, Kentico

PHP: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento

Large enterprises spend an average of around 70% of their IT budget on application maintenance. It is quite tactic that Application maintenance presents the most potential for cost savings in global enterprises. Instinct Technique's the most preferred Application Maintenance services help you to reduce cost on maintenance and free up resources that keeps your key business applications well maintained and optimized.

Instinct Technique's application maintenance services help you get the best out of your existing IT applications. Our mature and grind application maintenance methodology enhances the life of your systems, guarantees that the applications develop with your business, reduces system downtime, and help you focus on strategic initiatives by minimizing the time spent on routine tasks and activities.:

Our Application maintenance services include: All our Application Maintenance services are broadening across wide range of technologies

  • Source code analysis
  • Fault Analysis
  • Application upgrades
  • Application testing
  • Application enhancements
  • Documentation
  • Re-designing and converting user interfaces

Best in managing IT Projects or outsourced solutions and completing them within a flat schedule and taking cost as necessary for getting the normal return on investment. But, integration of such systems could be sometimes throbbing. Every component has to be in the right place, in full running and order, and effortlessly integrated with all the other system components.

Instinct Technique provides its valuable clients with its expertise of system integration services that link applications with other third-party solutions and other dispersed sub-systems and components. Instinct Technique's highly skilled professionals have thorough knowledge and hands-on IT application development experience in system integration to help your company consolidate varied data within your system via application-to-application integration.

Our deep understanding enables us to certify a smooth system integration process. Our field-proven structured methodologies, extensive best practices, and pre-configured tools deliver rapid results with low risk to every project.

Organizations have to keep in pace with high points of quality and improved customer experience but at the same time through new ways that diminish testing costs while increasing scalability. Instinct Technique's quality assurance services help organizations across multiple domains deliver high value and enhanced quality business solutions to their end-customers.

Instinct Technique's deep knowledge and faultless interface with vertical markets guarantee quick thoughtfulness of its customer's business priorities and the applications under quality assurance and testing. Instinct Technique's software testing primarily verifies correctness, completeness, security and quality. Using the correct mix of experienced Testing resources, matured processes, frameworks and a robust delivery model, Instinct Technique enable clients to attain a quick turnaround time and an optimal Return on Investment.

Instinct Technique helps its clients with self-governing Verification and Validation Services to ensure quality by providing a second opinion during the project maintenance until executed. We completely understand that direct interaction with a system as well as its developers is required fully understanding how it works and satisfies complete desires. More importantly we help development processes increases by providing an independent interpretation of the specifications to help reduce the bugs in a design at a faster pace.

Our Independent Verification services help the clients in providing with a full 360-degree view on quality and artifacts throughout the development cycle of the software. We ensure a proper participation of the stakeholders and provide a loom that can trim down the time and cost of overseeing testing programs.

Humans normally create software and do sometimes mistakes. A bug or a fault in the software can prevent the software from its normal behavior and move away from the expectation. Testing helps in detecting those faults and bugs before the software is made operational so that the end users gain the best user experience.

Instinct Technique engages itself in the testing processes of the product lifecycle to focus and prevent any risks in the IT project or in the business, which would be using that product. As part of our testing services, Instinct Technique provides numerous testing services to its clients, which can be classified as follows:

As part of our testing services, Instinct Technique provides multiple testing services to its clients which can be classified as follows:

Functional Testings

Softwares are tested against the business requirements and the specifications provided as per the project requirements. This goes from Unit Testing till User Acceptance testing.

Non-Functional Testing

Besides testing the applications against, how they interact and behave with users, we also test the application for non-functional areas. These include Load and Performance testing, Stress and volume testing to name a few.

Building just an application is not enough. Considering few quality parameters can make a simple application look a great one. As an increased User Engagement and enhanced User Experience are one of the most important these days for any type of application, Instinct Technique makes sure each of its application performs well on these two parameters.

We focus on the quality of the application from the beginning till the end. During the initial phases, our expert team of Business Analysts makes sure that the product being developed not only fulfills the client's requirements but also provides the vast end-user experience. We figure out the best value flourishes that can be made to client's application to save costs or augment ROI. And, during the expansion phase we make sure that application is at top of the quality standards.

Marketing is an indispensable step for any business. It is said that more than your product, it is the way you market your product that draws crowds and helps the sales. Various verticals of marketing are involved in making it successful. Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of the marketing efforts made for any website as it optimizes the website not just for search engines, but also for people. When done properly, SEO can go a long way in making any business successful. Proper SEO done with the right methodologies is rewarded by search engines as well by taking the website to the top of the search results page. This helps draw greater crowd to your website by making it visible to a larger audience on the internet. Instinct Technique is a recognized and highly praised digital marketing firm that works towards providing intelligent website marketing, mobile app marketing, as well as social media marketing services that are well thought out and tailored according to a person's business and target audience. The main areas through which we deliver our concentrated marketing efforts include:

  • App store optimization (ASO)
  • Fault Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Facebook Paid Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Our expertise in the above areas has helped us bring great results for our clients for years. Internet marketing experts at Instinct Technique have refined their strategies and aligned them with the latest trends and requirements to suit the market. We make special efforts to make sure our efforts in the area would impact the business in question in a positive manner. The services are modestly priced, while not compromising on the quality.

With marketing forming the heart of any organization's competitive strength, it's becoming not only important, but also vital for companies to market their goals in an effective manner.

With Instinct Technique's marketing strategy integrated in parallel with the environmental and competitive analysis, our clients can not only achieve their marketing goals by outlining their techniques but can also decide on actions that help them to achieve their marketing objectives. This gives our clients a long term vision of the right techniques they need to reach the target audience and enable them to use a mixture of new and proven marketing techniques rather than being scattered by the whim on new marketing trends.

By running extensive competition tests like SWOT, PEST, BCG matrix etc. on market competitors which results in the breakdown of the strengths, weakness, limitations, opportunities and threats of an organization, we use our methodological approach to guide our clients in formulating their policies and then market themselves with the most effective means available to create self-sustaining marketing cycles so that they can effectively communicate themselves to their target audience and reach out.

To find out more about how we can help you realize more from your business, please get in touch.

Promoting and Marketing a product creates an essential part of any application development. There is a wide variety of media available through which a business can conduct an advertising and promotion campaign.

At Instinct Technique, we comprehend the exponential power that an effective strategic campaign can have for a brand. Every consumer engagement should inspire viral spread of a brand's message and maximize its ROI. We use numerous online and offline techniques and Push and Pull strategies to offer our customers with an optimal promotion campaign to get the most out of client's investment.

Our promotions approach includes the following services or mediums for brand advertising:

  • SEO and SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Offline Campaigns
  • Mobile App Promotion

Instinct Technique has good experience and expertise to assist organizations in strategic preparation process and develop campaigns that bring against the short and long-term goals of its client's business.

Web based surveys help people gather the insights they need to make more decisions that are informed. These supportive professionals, managers and business owners with a wide range of survey, research and satisfied feedbacks and other helpful information to monitor market trends and developments, measure product effectiveness and enhance systems properly. Online surveys are more effective and efficient than traditional surveying techniques.

With Instinct Technique's professional web survey services, organizations can modernize the way they collect feedbacks, process it, and analyze it. We can also offer logical solutions to queries based on widespread web research through online market surveys in various technology and market linked areas. Whether you are launching a new product and want B2B market research or a business that needs to measure its brand penetration, you can add up on Instinct Technique to get you the data you require.

End-to-end big data analytics Integrate, prepare, analyze and visualize any data

Dyanamic Data Management - Import, Export, Data Links, Storage, Data Partitioning, Compression, Retention Policy, Data Profiling, Source Analyzer, Meta Analytics

Security for your data - Authentication, Authorization, Encryption

Work with Hadoop distribution - Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, IBM, Pivotal, Amazon, Apache

AWS delivers scalable cloud computing platform with high dependability, offering the huge flexibility to the customers to build a wide range of applications. Amazon Web Services protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer’s system and data.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services

  • Cost effective solution; consume only the amount of compute and storage.
  • It builds and delivers in accordance with the industry’s highest and the best security practices.
  • Improve greater productivity and time to market without the need of other resources.

Instinct Technique’s expert team of developers keeps best practices in offering valuable AWS services to its clients throughout the World.

In today’s time, SaaS has become the most effective part of cloud computing and providing new dimensions to expand your business horizons. Instinct Technique is one of the fastest growing software as a service development firm providing customized solutions to clients all across the World.

SaaS Applications are always a challenge because they dwell across the firewall. But, our qualified team have strong capabilities in building web services based integration solutions to overcome this challenge.

Here’s how can we help you

  • Build a robust architecture for successful SaaS applications that are scalable.
  • Employing the best practices for developing a web application.
  • Adopt conventional and agile methodologies in a distributed environment.

Instinct Technique has an extensive experience in developing and maintaining SaaS applications. Our team is well versed in developing, implementing, and support for SaaS application development.

This platform is an accumulation of cloud technologies, providing a specific set of services to application developers. Microsoft Azure provides a window-based environment for running applications properly, effectively and most importantly storing data on servers in Microsoft data centers.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud OS on which developers can build using .NET, JAVA, Ruby and Rails and other important languages.

Key benefits of Microsoft Azure are:

  • MS Azure SQL database is entirely built on confirmed Windows Server and SQL Server technologies, and is well structure, flexible enough to cope with any variations.
  • It provides higher scalability and provides higher easiness so that developers can sale their solutions.

We at Instinct Technique provide the best MS Azure solutions to creative effective, scalable and valuable solutions as per client’s requirement.