ॐMega Digital Marketing Software is an all-in-one tool that helps you grow your business immensely in both local and global markets. It combines all the features anyone would want from this kind of a tool. 

Why choose ॐMega?
Multilingual Email Marketing. It lets you send bulk emails in different languages.
Gives you complete website analysis report within a few seconds.
Runs on almost every OS.
Huge number of wonderfull templates to choose from.
Inbuilt Autoresponder to give you a detailed report of the sent emails.
Online Lead Generation
Social Media Tracker
Let's you run PPC campaigns.
Increases your Rank on Search Engines.
One click notification on Facebook & Twitter.
Takes care of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Social Media Marketing (SMM).
Great tool for Link Building.
Easy to use.
Competitive Pricing.
Free Video Tutorials & Case Studies.
Let's your prospects register foe Free Newsletters, Webinar Links & much more.
We also provide ॐMega Digital Marketing Software As A Service (SAAS)