Office Management

Business Bodies, Educational Institutions, Offices & Organizations waste a lot of time and money on their office management task instead of paying required attention for building their business proper. Keeping in view all such difficulties Instinct Technique has developed latest software devices and products of its own to aid and assist the companies, institutions and persons in need for computerized office management task viz.- e-mail, chatting, managing resources, bio-metric, Support accounting and Monitoring etc. (all in one package as Office Management Package) fully customized On-line Management. The goal of Office Management is to streamline processes and improve the way your employees function within your office both individually and as a team; allowing each person to maximize their strengths while increasing productivity and meeting the company's expectations.

Key Features & Use

Key Features

  • Billing system
  • Time management
  • Staff Training
  • Asset Management
  • Staff Interaction with company
  • Resources(Medi claim Form, Conveyance, Leave Application Forms etc.)
  • Key Features

  • Live chat
  • Internal job posting
  • Announcements
  • News & Events
  • Photo Gallery
  • Widely used

  • Offices
  • Business Houses
  • Companies
  • Production units