Instinct Technique has started its functioning in June 2009 taking initially with four members only. Subsequently, its strength has increased to nine selected from different parts of the nation viz.- Mumbai, Bangalore and Brahmapur in Odisha . It has been registered by Government in 2010 in Odisha,(India). To begin with we started doing product development.

Instinct Technique is always thankful to these nine members who worked with utmost sincerity and encouraged it to proceed ahead.


Now we are working with native and hybrid mobile apps development with material designing in android , iOS , blackberry & window mobile. Also developing projects in clouds, Big data,Hadoop, AWS, Robotium, Monkeytalk, Selenium Andriod Driver, Calabash,OpenGL, XML, and web service technology. We welcome to join with us those who are interested to get experience in the areas of UX and UI design, patterns and behaviour in desktop, tablet and mobile environments.

Till we have worked 50 project of around 25 client.


In future we will launch our own robot and all the products for the end-user with device independent and infinite service. We will create office premises in 20 acre land for our staff. We have best business model where Investor can invest and get profit. Interested member can contact with us

Welcome to all the investor & Supporter .

Work done - (year-wise):

This being the beginning period attention is focused on infractures,establishment and other such works.

Key Changes

  • Started functioning from 23rd June 2009 in Mumbai taking Four members.
  • To begin with we worked on our product business planning and company build process.


  • Successfully implemented Agile process for our product development in different regions . Build up our start up team and company process flow.
  • Started working on our product architecture by considering device,language and theme independent,performance,reliable,secure .
  • Planning & investment - we are grateful/thankful to all our advisers & well wishers who aid and advise us to proceed in our endeavor.

Key Changes

Official authorization time

  • Official authorization time


  • Set of our cooperate office in Brahmapur.
  • We build up our website with Spring3 and EJB3 making cluster architecture with Jboss.
  • We lunch our social site
  • Under the we provide on line and off line outside world with Android,Blackberry ,Hadoop,noSQL database,with various framework Java, J2EE,PHP,Python, Ruby & Perl.
  • Worked on phd. paper and their project.

Turning Point Time

Key Changes

  • Software Services & POC Work Started
  • Consulting Services Work Started


  • Did the consulting work PMF consulting,Italy.For Java,J2EE,PHP,Jquery,Maven,crawler,Jira,Map API.

    Thanks to Mr Ashmeel,Mr Enrico & Mr Luciano Sir to give a wonderful Opportunities work with the clients of PMF consultancy.

  • - Rebuild the site in MVC Architect with security features, muti languages ,some new business rules, integrate the user wise analytics reposts for grow of business with PHP MVC, JS, CSS & Mysql
  • UNO - It is a desktop application developed by IBM for the System management recruitment and client-Training Chile for UNO.Its having Three modules. We converted it into Webbase application with same UI and flow to work it in desktop. It is an internal system. Developed in - PHP MVC, Jquery, CSS & Mysql
  • LifeRay - Make one POC in LifeRay( for one of clients Mr. Hernan and & Mr Nicolás.

    Big Thanks to Mr Pedro Sir to making all live for us.

  • TFTP & BTH UDP-basedTransport Protocal (BUTP) in Java - This Tftp is based on udp.Just Read, Write function, from client to server When a client requesting for file to read. First it has to check in particular location.If the file is there then it has open and read that file and send the data as one by one in packets and send total number of packets with acknowledgement, which is represent as this opcode.By showing this we can able to find with operation has done.
  • Multi language Bussiness Chat - These are the products where business people can do their chat with Multilingual and they will integrate in their business site it developed in the coldfusion markup language (cfml)

Banking Apps, Hospital POC and intergration of hospital instruments

Key Changes

  • Work in Mobile apps development in J2ME, Andriods, iOS
  • Worked Banking and Document Mangment Projects
  • Solved security and perfomance & Technical Architect Soluation


  • Consulting for MODE India in their Banglore location.
  • Equity banks Apps - Make the apps light weight and service independent. That's why no need to change when you add more services it will be automatically supported.
    Technology - J2ME,Lwueith ,web services,Java,encryption.
  • Mobile banking product developemt(easipay)-Easipay [] accounting System - Developed the J2ME app for Agent and clients with USSD services and server side services for the complete accounting package. Using Spring and JPA with Rest web services with RSA and AES encryption and decryption with ISO 8086.Integrate with Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) and VTU Host Interface. Build the Admin and agent web modules also.
    Thanks to Mr Amar Sir to give chance to work on such wonderful application for mobile banking services. As well a thanks to all the team member of mode india who work with this. Very supportive and excellent working culture of Mode india.We always happy to work with them and their supportive and kind hearted staff.
  • Online SIM Activation & Document Management System[BPO Convergence]-Having Desktop tool[Core Java, Rest Client, Swing MVC] and web base system [Spring and JPA, Mysql] Design web services client base desktop tool which will work off line and online to enter the data and upload the files and data to the central server also. For this we use the swing MVC. Also it have login, AFE PHYSICAL AUDIT CHECKLIST, Final entry in the data form . .
    Thanks respected Mr. Pati Sir to give us. Thanks to Mr. Bineet and Mr. Pradeep to support the requirement process and understanding flow.
  • BARC Dental System Integration POC - Did the compelete POC to integrates their existing system with their new system and tools like -Planmeca OPG software, SkyplanX, XVa3 RVG, Delcam, Amrita and track their inventory. The new system deployment, POC document and implement process.

    Prepare BARC new hospital mgmt. system the new functional document and purposed UI with their process with these modules - Administrator, Employee Mgmt, Setting, Department Rule, Leave Management of Employee, Super Specialist, Normal Doctor, Doctor's Assistant, Hygienic, Technician,Patient,Front Office,Outside Doctor, Inventory Manager
    Thanks to Dr. Ninad and Mr Prsana help in this work.


Key Changes


  • HameshPN(HON) - Perfomance Testing (UAT - Consultant)
  • Internal Office & Accounting System for Pargathi foundation
  • Image Processing Tool - BPO Convergence
  • Uaeads4u
  • Blansys Phase -I - MARC file implimentation and other process and report changes
  • Collage Mgmt.
  • Chamilo Consultant
  • Salary Live
  • JobFair(


Key Changes

  • Hybrid Apps Development
  • Hadoop and Big Data Work
  • Material Design Native Apps

Key Achievement

  • Pullman Innova
  • Scope Management
  • Franchise Management
  • ApniSavari