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Instinct Technique is self reliant IT enabled service company empowered by highly skilled IT experts of various categories.Our endeavour to provide innovative,value driven solution that match the business and technology needs of all our clients. Our product fields are - Office Management,  School/College Management,Social sites,E-commerce,Inventory Management,Real-Estate etc. We render services in the field of Management,Consultancy and staff Augmentation etc. It offers a combination of emerging technologies and traditional technologies with application-specific toolkits to provide clients with the appropriate technology to  address their software development and IT enabled service requirements. The sole aim to undertake the works of such needy firms and institutions,those who desire computerized transaction of their business in more quicker,safer,easier & economical way.Our ability to understand customer's business and requirements help us to translate their needs into user friendly software application systems.Each and everyday Instinct Technique helps clients operate their business more efficiently through innovation,technology and wisdom.Custom satisfaction is one of the merits of working with us.

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Bibhudatta Nayak

Welcome to Instinct Technique´s global website. As the founder Instinct Technique, I felt that there was change of business technology. As the new business requirement facilities like - video conference ,i18n/i10n with Analytics and SEO, access in mobile, iPhone and iPad fully automation application with AI which support fifth generation Robotic feathers. Which help us to understand customer's business and requirement. As the ability to innovate and the capacity to adapt to latest technologies has been and will continue to be the forte in the technology environment, we have set ourselves the objective of being recognized as the premier provider of technology solutions and intend to diversify in this field in the near future.With an Equal Opportunity Employment, we have bred an environment that attracts the best people with ambitions and high standards. We continually strive to give our workforce the support and encouragement they need to reach their full potential and goals.We are fully devoted to the ultimate satisfaction and success of our customers, and we share in this commitment as a team, starting right from my office. I am proud to be the Founder of Instinct Technique Company.